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Kokiri Forest

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This is a Community devoted to everything Zelda. I grew up on Zelda, so I think it's time to start something that's all about it. I want this community to be for everyone, from people who are rookies wanting to know a little more, pros who know (mostly) everything, to people who just want to talk about Zelda. This community is going to involve everyone who joins. Every month I'll have polls up so you can vote on what the community will look like each month, to the comment buttons, to the background, to the banner, even the name; Don't like Kokiri Forest? Want Zora's Domain? Dodongos Cavern? Jabu-Jabus Belly? The Great Deku Tree? Hyrule Castle? Or how about Tingles Balloon? You vote, you choose. The point is to just have fun, talk about what we all love, and just enjoy Zelda.

Here's a list of Links and Ganons (Dos and Don'ts) Things you can and cannot do here. You can pretty much do anything Zelda, but here are just some ideas. Follow them, and respect them please. Thank you!

Share photos of anything Zelda (Graphics, drawings,caps, etc)
Share videos, music, etc.
Share fan fiction about The Legend Of Zelda.
Feel free to post about anything Zelda related.
This is a non racial community, which means you can share photos, fan fiction, pictures etc that have female-female, male-male, Goron-Zora, black, white, blue, green, orange, invisible in/on them.
Have a good time! :-)

Do not post crude pictures, remember there is a difference between art, and porn.

If you do post anything that involves removal of clothing, whether it's a drawing you did, graphics, etc. Make sure to put a warning for our younger members in the Title box.

The same goes for swearing, you want to rant about a game, or express in different words how much you love it, put a warning in the Title box.

That also goes for fan fiction, make sure you rate it so our younger members don't have their brains rot like some of us older people :-P For example if it involves lesbian or gay happenings, just put that at the top of the page, just so no one gets offended.

Do not threaten, fight, or cause problems with other members, arguing is fine, after all not EVERYONE will agree that Tingles clothes are grass green...some will say they are tree green :-P, but do not go too far or you will be taken off the list.

Do not insult people for who they are, for example if someone post's a gay or lesbian fan fiction, do not call them a fag, dyke, or sinful people, I will not stand for that, and you will be taken off the list.

Basically, don't cause problems, watch out for our younger members and you'll be fine.

If any of you have seen any of these rules broken, preferably the Ganons, (Example-don't come to me saying someone isn't posting enough fan fiction) Please contact me and let me know what you've seen, do not go to that person specifically or it will just cause more problems. Thank you!

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